Liam Gallagher

Liam was the one who sparked the idea for Shot and Shared. He suggested that we should send photos back and forth over the summer… and we just took the idea and ran with it. Liam seems to be a jack of all trades… a writer, a photographer, and the man knows how to use a grill. Leaving a job at Transworld Snowboarding and the Southern California craziness behind, he went back to his roots up in Washington and has been enjoying his time as a freelancer. Check out more after the jump.


Name: Liam O’Neill Gallagher

Location: Bellingham, WA

Website: Working on that…for now i’ve got

Is photography a hobby or how you make a living?

Both. Someday maybe it’ll be just a job or just a hobby, but I hope not.

What you shoot with:

Some nikons, some canons, a polaroid land cam 210 that my grandpa gave me. And a Holga that I’ve had longer than them all.

Plans for the Summer:

Yes. They’re loose, but I’d like to ride some planks, hang with all my best friends, sleep outdoors and snap pics. easy.


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