Case Study House #22 – The Stahl House

Pierre Koenig's Case Study House No. 22

I ended up at this iconic Los Angeles house for a photo shoot I teched yesterday. Photos really don’t do the view justice. The house sit’s in the hills above the Chateau Marmont and overlooks everything in the  LA area you could ever want to see.

Carlotta Stahl

Carlotta Stahl is the original owner of the home. She and her husband bought the lot in the 1950’s and brought Koenig in to design a home that would preserve the view they loved so much. She was present on set yesterday and I was fortunate enough to snap a quick shot.

I’m clearly no Julius Shulman, but like him and many others, I agree that this place is a photographers dream. The specific sort of reflections here create an effect that is incredibly hard to find. The glass is everywhere, making up nearly all of the outside walls. This allows the natural light to pour into a shot from every angle instead of from just one direction.


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  1. Oh man, envious. That house is amazing, I’ve been entranced by it since my freshman year of high school.

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