Some more insight on who is involved with the project. This time with the very creative, Andi Elloway. Keep your eye out for this girl… I have a feeling she is going places. Read more after the jump.


Name: Andi Elloway

Location: Huntington Beach home base.


Is photography a hobby or how you make a living?

Sort of both. Sometimes I get paid for photos, sometimes for design, sometimes for video editing. Right now I’m assisting, retouching and digital teching for Kenneth Cappello Studio in LA. Also working with Antonio Ballatore on some of this year’s graphic stuff for Nike 6.0’s Motel No Tell in Huntington Beach. A combination of things makes my living, but I’m always taking pictures of everything I do regardless. Sometimes it’s spontaneous, sometimes it’s staged. I’m really getting into fashion photography right now.

What you shoot with:

Canon 7D, Holga, Nikon N60. Plus various Polaroid devices.

Plans for the Summer:

Hang with my friends, keep learning from everything I do, go to NY for a bit, and move to LA when it’s all over. Other than that it’s completely impossible to plan what’s going on. I always seem to end up in the most insane spontaneous situations.


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