Here is another look at the people involved in the project, this time with Frequency Magazine editor, Colin Wiseman. Read more after the jump.


Name: Colin Wiseman

Location: Bellingham, WA

Website: ; photo site in the works.

Is photography a hobby or how you make a living?

A bit of both—part of the make-a-living package, alongside writing, editing and research. The main gig is Editor at frequency: The Snowboarder’s Journal, with freelance copy writing and photo work to help make ends meet.

What you shoot with:

A lot more film lately—got a Mamiya 645 pro last year and use it the majority of the time now. A close second is the Nikon digital kit (D200), and also a Canonet 19, Holga, and a few other film relics.

Plans for the Summer:

Ride my bike as much as possible, get out touring on the splitboard, do some camping, summer laps at hood and whistler, maybe a trip abroad…a lot of possibilities but nothing confirmed yet. Maybe even somewhere warm this year?


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