profile: ROBBIE SELL

A couple times a week I will be posting short profiles of the people in the Shot and Shared project to let the followers know who is involved. I am kicking things off with the man with the mustache (that is now shaved off), Robbie Sell. Read more after the jump.


Name: Robbie Sell


Is photography a hobby or how you make a living?

Photography was my career for a couple years, but it’s become a hobby again.  I’m now a journalist for, and starting Pie-Face Pizza Co.

What do you shoot with?

It’s a 50/50 mix of my point n’ shoot (G10), and a Mark II.  I’ve been using a Contax T3 a lot lately also.

Plans for the Summer:

While not getting Pie-Face Pizza Co. up and running, I’ll be bicycling around, floating the Truckee river, shootin’ guns, takin’ pictures, and getting all my old photos scanned and cataloged.


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